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“Blake and his team gave me wonderful customer service. Would use them again and recommend everyone else to use them as well!”

– Marissa S.
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About Speedy Sale Home Buyers

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Welcome to Speedy Sale Home Buyers, where selling your home is quick, secure, and rewarding! As a family-owned business committed to trust and reliability, we understand the importance of a smooth and efficient home-selling experience. We specialize in swiftly acquiring homes, providing a seamless solution to sell your property without the usual market delays. Our dedication to integrity and customer satisfaction sets us apart, ensuring you sell your home swiftly and receive a fair and competitive offer. With Speedy Sale Home Buyers, you can expect more than just a transaction; you gain a reliable partner in your home-selling journey.

Parker McInnis

Meet Parker McInnis, a dynamic individual whose journey from the football fields of Michigan to the dynamic world of real estate encapsulates a spirit of determination and a passion for community. Born and raised in Commerce Township, MI, Parker’s early years were marked by his involvement in sports and community, a trait he nurtured at Orchard Lake St. Mary’s in West Bloomfield. His commitment to football didn’t just end on the field; today, he inspires young athletes as a freshman football coach at his alma mater, blending his love for the game with mentorship.

Parker’s academic and athletic prowess shone through at Grand Valley State University, where he not only played football but also earned a degree in Business Marketing, laying the groundwork for his diverse career path. Post-graduation, he delved into the professional sports arena with the Detroit Lions as a scouting assistant, gaining unique insights into team dynamics and talent evaluation.

However, his career trajectory took a turn towards the finance sector as he joined Rocket Mortgage. During his two-year tenure as a mortgage banker, Parker honed his skills in finance, an experience that would later prove invaluable in his real estate endeavors.

Embracing his entrepreneurial spirit, Parker joined forces with his brother Spencer in the real estate business, flipping homes. This career shift was more than just a professional decision; it was a pursuit of his true passion. As a licensed real estate agent, Parker combines his extensive knowledge of real estate and mortgages with a genuine desire to make a difference in people’s lives, helping them navigate the significant milestones of buying or selling homes.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Parker’s heart for service shines through. He has participated in numerous mission trips to Mexico and Nicaragua, contributing to community building and spiritual outreach through church constructions. His dedication to coaching football mirrors his commitment to community service, embodying his belief in giving back and making a positive impact.

Parker McInnis is not just a real estate agent; he is a community-minded individual with a rich tapestry of experiences, driven by a passion for sports, a knack for business, and a deep-rooted commitment to helping others find joy in their homes and lives.

Parker McInnis
Blake Gordon

Blake Gordon

Blake Gordon stands out as a talented acquisition and sales manager at Speedy Sale Homebuyers, where he contributes significantly to the company’s growth. Raised in Michigan, he completed his high school education at Orchard Lake St. Mary’s in West Bloomfield. This early part of his life set the stage for his future successes.

A passionate golfer, Blake has competed in prestigious events like the Michigan State Amateur Tournament, demonstrating his skill and dedication to the sport. His love for golf is a significant part of who he is, personally and professionally.

For his undergraduate studies, Blake attended Michigan State University. Here, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Film Production, blending his creative talents with a structured academic approach. His time at university was not only about academics; it also allowed him to delve deeper into his golfing passion.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Blake enjoys the tranquility and challenge of fly fishing, often accompanied by his father. Their trips to various locations in the West are not just about the sport but also about nurturing their bond and enjoying nature’s beauty. These experiences reflect Blake’s appreciation for outdoor activities and the importance of family in his life.

Overall, Blake Gordon’s life is a blend of professional achievements in real estate, a deep-rooted love for golf, a creative flair evident from his film production background, and a strong family connection showcased through his fly fishing adventures. His journey from a high school student in Michigan to a well-rounded professional and avid sportsman is a testament to his dedication and diverse interests.

Lukas Creed

Lukas Creed, a dedicated professional in the real estate industry, currently serves as a team member at Speedy Sale Home Buyers. Born and raised in Portage, Michigan, a quaint town on the west side of the state, he has always been closely connected to his community and its development.

Lukas pursued higher education at Michigan State University, where he majored in Supply Chain Management. His time at the university was marked not only by academic achievements but also by active involvement in various campus activities, preparing him for a successful career in business management.

After graduating, Lukas commenced his professional journey at Dow Chemical, one of the leading chemical corporations. His role there equipped him with a robust understanding of operational efficiency and client relations, skills that would prove invaluable in his future endeavors.

Seeking to merge his passion for the outdoors with his career, Lukas transitioned to a role as an account executive at Upright, a mortgage lender specializing in collaborations with real estate investors. This position allowed him to venture outside the office, engaging directly with clients and properties, thereby deepening his expertise and love for real estate.

Driven by a desire to be more intricately involved in real estate transactions, Lukas joined Speedy Sale Home Buyers. Here, he applies his extensive knowledge of real estate investing to help clients navigate the complexities of buying and selling properties efficiently.

Outside of work, Lukas is an avid sports enthusiast. He enjoys playing golf, a hobby that offers him both relaxation and a competitive outlet. Football seasons find him cheering loudly, showcasing his undying support for his favorite teams. At home, he finds joy in the companionship of his dog, Sunny, who is a constant, cheerful presence.

Lukas Creed

Core Values

Speedy Sale Home Buyers is built on core values that reflect our dedication to excellence, integrity, and client satisfaction. Our values include:

  • Trustworthiness: A deep-seated commitment to being a reliable partner in your home-selling journey is at the heart of our operations.
  • Passion for Helping: We are driven by a genuine desire to assist our clients, understanding that selling a home is a significant life event and striving to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible.
  • Joy in Client Happiness: Seeing our clients happy is our greatest reward. We take pride in ensuring that every interaction meets and exceeds expectations, leading to joyful experiences for those we serve.
  • Honesty: We believe in transparency and open communication, ensuring that all our dealings are conducted with the utmost integrity and honesty.
  • Client-First Approach: Our clients are our top priority. We consistently put their needs and interests ahead of our own, ensuring that they receive the best possible service and outcomes.
  • Valuing Reputation Over Profit: We uphold that our reputation is more valuable than short-term gains. Our focus is on building long-term relationships based on trust and respect, rather than pursuing immediate financial benefits.

These core values guide every aspect of our work at Speedy Sale Home Buyers, ensuring that we not only meet but surpass the expectations of those we have the privilege to serve.

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