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Frequently Asked Questions

A short list of questions to give you some help with what you may be wishing to know.

Explore this short collection of commonly posed questions from sellers like yourself. Should your inquiry not be covered here, please contact us at (313) 552-8608 or complete our contact form. Speedy Sale Home Buyers are eager to assist with any additional queries you may have.

Q:  Will my property be listed on the MLS, or are you intending to purchase it outright from me?

A:  At Speedy Sale Home Buyers, we have a completely different approach. You may ask what that means. It means we don’t just provide offers for local homes in the area or list them on the MLS – we do both! Our goal is to work and collaborate with you, understanding your priorities when it comes to selling your property. If you’re looking for a quick sale, consider our offers. If maximizing your property’s value is your aim, our top-notch marketing team is poised to help you secure a lucrative deal for your home in any part of Michigan.

Q:  Do you offer equitable and fair prices for the properties?

A: Our offers may be below market value, but they have advantages like no financing needed, quick payment, a quick two-week closing, and no need for property improvements. Consider us skipping the traditional selling process. We’re open to negotiating a “win-win” price; if our offer doesn’t suit you, there’s no obligation or cost. Monitoring your home’s value in a really quick sale is wise.

Q: What factors do you use to determine the price you offer for my homes?

A:  Initially, we assess your home’s after-repair value (ARV), estimating its potential market value after completing necessary post-purchase renovations. A dedicated specialist visits your home to evaluate and calculate repair and refurbishment costs.

In addition, there are selling costs. While you benefit from not needing to hire an about-side agent when selling to us, we normally incur costs for listing the home, covering holding and closing expenses, fees, taxes, and commission – typically totaling 10% of the ARV.

Ultimately, we deduct repair, refurbishment, and selling costs from the ARV and include our minimum profit to determine the fair price we offer. This amount often aligns closely with what you would receive in a traditional sale after subtracting additional out-of-pocket expenses. Choosing us means quicker payment without the usual hassles of selling through normal listings, which can often take months to secure a legitimate buyer.

Q:  Are there any fees or commissions I need to pay if I choose to work with you?

A: Like Clark Kent, we play dual roles – not just real estate investors but also licensed agents. This unique combination allows us to provide multiple effective ways to sell your property. If you prefer listing with our advanced in-house marketing, we’re ready to start with fees comparable to local agents. Alternatively, our Program has no fees, commissions, or closing costs. We present a fair offer, offering an economical option without months of holding costs.

Get in touch with us at (313) 552-8608 or fill out the brief form below. We’ll guide you on how we can help you sell your home and achieve your goals.

Q: What sets you apart?

A: This question is quite relevant. Years ago, we recognized that many property sellers in Michigan felt limited in their options. Real estate investors didn’t provide sufficient funds, and agents had constraints. As an independent company, we can use our resources to address homeowners’ issues and offer tailored solutions.

Usually, a property must be in listing-ready condition for a realtor to consider it. This often involves paying for repairs and updates, enduring open houses, and facing the uncertainty of buyers withdrawing at the last minute. Our approach is distinct – we don’t require a home to be in perfect condition. We’re willing to offer quick money for homes in any state, eliminating the need for repairs and the traditional selling hassles.

We’re here to offer you various effective selling options. Opt for our quick and hassle-free cash offers, sacrificing a bit of equity but gaining freedom from mortgage payments sooner than you think.

If you’re willing to wait a bit, that’s great! We can also follow the traditional route by putting your home on the market to secure a buyer, which is ideal for maximizing your selling price.

Our commitment to providing choices when selling your home sets us apart. You get to decide which selling option suits you best.

Q:  Is there any commitment or obligation when I submit my information?

A: Our offers come with no obligations whatsoever! Share some details about your home, and we’ll promptly assess it. If needed, we might arrange a brief call to discuss further. Our offers are fair and not at the lowest end of the spectrum. The next steps are entirely up to you. We respect your time and space to make the decision that suits you best – after all, it’s your place!

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